Auctions to benefit Eastside Community Ministry

2023-02-19 02:39:31 By : Ms. zhong xi

ZANESVILLE − Eastside Community Ministry is holding its annual online and live CHAIR-ity auctions as a fundraiser for the organization.

The online auction runs until 6 p.m. Feb. 24 with items found at The live auction starts at 2 p.m. Feb. 24 at Colony Square Mall. A preview event will be from 5 to 7 p.m. Feb. 23. There will be refreshments, door prizes and voting for a People's Choice Award. Uv Proof Outdoor Furniture Bench Cover

Auctions to benefit Eastside Community Ministry

The online auction is being handled by, and those wishing to bid will need to create an account. The online auction be accessed from Eastside's website at

Eastside is an ecumenical ministry seeking to help people transform their lives by meeting their basic needs and offering them education, life skills training, and relationship building opportunities. It's located at 221 Stillwell St., and offers a clothing and food band.

For more information on Eastside or the the auctions, including creating an account for online bidding, call 740-452-7519.

Lot 1: A chair that converts into a ladder with a $100 Kroger gift card. From Betsy Thomas.

Lot 2: Alphabet themed futon with jigsaw puzzle, storybooks, Minion bedspread, SpongeBob SquarePants sheets and Winnie the Pooh throw. From Mary and Deb Perone.

Lot 3: Spa pillow chair with $25 Winerak gift card, wine bottle cooler set, two tumblers, hooded throw. From the Ohio Educational Credit Union.

Lot 4: Two electric bumper cars, stuffed teddy bears, twoT-shirts and one bumper car themed book. From Mike and Za Northrup.

Lot 5: Handmade doll chair painted with the Muppets. From ANC Homecare/Acute Nursing Care.

Lot 6: Three children's chairs with diapers, wipes, baby outfits, books, blankets. From Heartbeats.

Lot 7: Vanity wicker chair, towels, wash cloths, coral picture, $20 Baby and Body Works gift card, spa items, bathroom rules sign. From Susie Ray.

Lot 8: Soccer ball desk chair, soccer ball, backpack and signed Marry Ann Bucci picture of Zanesville High School. From Peoples Bank.

Lot 9: Pink garden chair, garden gloves, basket, garden tools, journal, garden picks, Diamond Art flower picture by Karen Maniaci. From Karen and Mike Maniaci.

Lot 10: Child's wooden rocking chair, stuffed bear, three children's books about John Glenn. From Muskingum County Chapter of Daughters of the American Revolution.

Lot 11: Leather executive chair, Tennessee Titans throw. From Jeff and Debbie Pollock.

Lot 12: White wooden rocker, crocheted afghan. From Jeff and Debbie Pollock.

Lot 13: Child's wooden hobby horse, horse blanket throw. From Jeff and Debbie Pollock.

Lot 14: Child's wooden rocker, children's books, tote and two stuffed animals. From Jeff and Debbie Pollock.

Lot 15: Tiger reading chair, family pass to the Columbus Zoo, children's animal encyclopedia, animal blanket, activity book, zoo animal notebook, animal bookmarks, Zox bracelet. From Senny and Benjamin Maniaci.

Lot 16: Balance ball chair with weighted jump rope, 5 lb. hand weights, six tanning lotion packets, T-shirt, one month membership, one month tanning. From Hype Fitness.

Lot 17: Columbus Blue Jackets Chair, two tickets in the second row. From Quality Care Partners.

Lot 18: Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory school desk. From The Carr Center.

Lot 19: High back wooden chair, six puzzles, Tom's Ice Cream Bowl cup, $100 to Tom's. From Chuck and Sue Bell.

Lot 20: BeYOUtiful chair, gift cards for a shellac manicure from Kristy Peyton, tote filled with philosophy set, hair and face masks, makeup bag, ped-pack, Zox bracelet, book, journal and sign, other items. From Senny and Benjamin Maniaci.

Lot 21: $175 gift card to National Road Flea Market, stained glass OSU light, OSU jersey, Michigan vs. OSU lithograph, Longaberger 2004 Rose Bowl basket, Hartstone Buckeye ramekin, OSU sign, vintage OSU stadium seat, other items. From National Road Flea Market.

Lot 22: Kid stool or step ladder, kid's baking apron, baking utensils, bowls. From Auntie Anne's Pretzels.

Lot 23: Rocking chair, basket, coffee mug, blanket. From The Oaks at Bethesda.

Lot 24: Rocking chair, basket, blanket, coffee mug. From the Oaks at Northpointe.

Lot 25: Small wooden chair. From Jeannette Collins.

Lot 26: Commode, replacement plumbing by Bob Todd. From WIN SUPPLY/ Todd Plumbing.

Lot 27: Bungee dish chair, tumbler, dozen sugar cookies from Be Well Cookies, $75 gift card to Cooper & Co., blanket, Kaboodle, bath robe, other items. From Small Town Graphics.

Lot 28: Antique wooden cane seat chair, segmented box, side ornaments. From Ron Thomas.

Lot 29: Heart chair, heart quilt. From Charlotte Smith.

Lot 30: Antique wooden folding chair. From Leffler Kerith Farms/Kay Wilson.

Lot 31: Ladder back, scrap quilt. From Carole Harper and Cheri Gray.

Lot 32: Gray armchair. From ECM Friends.

Lot 33: Wood tree swing, gift cards to New Beginnings Bible and Book Store, Tim Horton's and Sheetz. From South Zanesville First Baptist Church.

Lot 34: Quest junior chair, books, hands-on activities, stickers. From Rob and Sue Thuma.

Lot 35: High chair, umbrella stroller, booster car seat, diapers. From Brian and Lisa Kaufman.

Lot 36: Children's Winnie the Pooh rocking chair, gift cards to Barnes & Noble and Giacomo's. From Brandywine Hospital for Pets.

Lot 37: Miniature chair, gift cards to Kroger, Walmart, Applebees and pillow with artwork by Mary Ann Bucci. From John and Jan Schowinsky and Kaleeya.

Lot 38: Handcrafted bowl. From Jeff Rose.

Lot 39: Handcrafted bowl. From Jeff Rose.

Lot 40: Handcrafted segment bowl. From Jeff Rose.

Lot 41: Beach chair, cooler, towels, beach Bluetooth speaker, beach balls, sunglasses from Certus Healthcare.

Lot 42: Beach chair, other beach items, $50 Walmart gift card, membership to Zanesville Business and Professional Women. From Zanesville BPW.

Lot 43: Swivel bar stool, smoke detector, hot sauces, lottery tickets. From Zanesville Fire Department.

Lot 44: Adirondack chair, gift cards to Lang's Pizza and Subs and Creno's. From Bill Fletcher.

Lot 45: Two children's stools, a ride toy, assorted toys. From Ashley Dawn.

Lot 46: Five-in-one booster seat, travel potty seat, diapers, baby toy and $50 Mastercard gift card. From Friends of Muskingum County Adult and Child Protective Services.

Lot 47: Child's chair, coordinating wall decals, basket, books, floor puzzle. From K. Graham.

Lot 48: OU chair, umbrella, OU Bobcat attire, lunchbox cooler, ice scraper. From Ohio University of Zanesville.

Lot 49: Miniature chair, $50 LaCabra Craft Tacos gift card, two dozen Donald's Donuts, pillow with artwork by Mary Ann Bucci. From LaCabra Craft Tacos, Donald's Donuts and Adrianna.

Lot 50: Miniature chair, pillow with Bucci artwork, $100 gift card to Bryan Place, Bistro B or Bryan's Furniture.

Lot 51: Miniature chair, $50 Tom's Ice Cream Bowl gift card, two meals from Tee Jaye's and Bucci pillow. From Tom's Ice Cream Bowl, Tee Jay's Restaurant and Kendll.

Lot 52: Miniature chair, $100 Rittberger North Market gift card, Bucci pillow. From Rittberger North Market and Mikey.

Lot 53: Miniature chair, The Walk gift gift card, car wash from Squiggly's, $25 Cracker Barrel gift card, Bucci pillow. From The Walk, Squiggly's, Cracker Barrel and Noah.

Lot 54: Miniature chair, gift cards to Campbell's and Denny's Diner, Bucci pillow. From Campbell's Foodland, Denny's Diner and Kiara.

Lot 55: Miniature chair, gift cards t Bob Evans, Darrell's Donuts, Bucci pillow. From Bob Evans, Darrell's Donuts and Rochelle.

Lot 56: Miniature chair, gift cards to Phillips Meat and Sunrise Bowling, Bucci pillow. From Phillips Meats Processing, Sunrise Bowling and Tyden.

Lot 57: Miniature chair, gift cards to Tat's Pizzeria, Darrel's Donuts and New Beginning, Bucci pillow. From Tat's Pizzeria, Darrel's Donuts, A New Beginning and Tyler.

Lot 58: Miniature chair, gift cards to Ditty's, Tat's Pizzeria, New Beginning, Bucci pillow. From Ditty's Tat's Pizzeria, A New Beginning and Shey

Lot 59: Miniature chair, gift cards to German Farms and The Walk, Bucci pillow. From German Farms Market, The Walk and Alainah.

Lot 60: Miniature chair, git cards to Grillin' Dave Style and German Farms Market, Bucci pillow. From Grillin' Dave Style, German Farms Market and Reilly.

Lot 61: Miniature chair, $100 Rittberger North Market gift card, Bucci pillow. From Rittberger North Market and Adrain.

Lot 62: Beach chair, beach towel, Zane's Trace Commemoration cup and T-shirt, Easter wreath, pottery jar by Dale Hague, gift cards toSage REdesign and Baby and Body Words. From Zen's Trace Commemoration.

Lot 63 To be determined from ForeverDads.   

Lot 64: Two camping chairs, two fishing poles, tackle box. From M.E.O.A.G. Community Action Agency.

Lot 65: Pet car seat, travel dishes, throw, ticket to Yappy Hour, dog scarf, feline scarf, dog toys. From The Animal Shelter Society.

Lot 66: Miniature chair, $100 Rittberger North Market gift card Bucci pillow. From Rittberger North Market and Nathan.

Lot 67: Miniature chair, gift cards to Grillin' Dave Style and Sunrise Bowling Center, Bucci pillow. . From Grillin' Dave Style, Sunrise Bowling and Kenyan.

Lot 68: Miniature chair, gift cards to Phillips Meat, Squiggly's and Tee Jaye's, Bucci pillow. From Phillips Meat Processing, Squiggly's Carwash, Tee Jay's and Prince.

Lot 69: Miniature chair, $100 Rittberger North Market gift card, Bucci pillow. From Rittberger North Market and Javion.

Lot 70: Miniature chair, gift cards to La Cabra Craft Tacos and Tom's, Bucci pillow. From La Cabra Tacos, Tom's Ice Cream Bowl and Jevonne.

Lot 71: Miniature chair, gift cards to Grillin' Dave Style and Donald's Donuts, Bucci pillow. From Grillin' Dave Style, Donald's Donuts and Brandon.

Lot 72: Miniature chair, $100 Bryan Place gift card, Bucci pillow. From Bryan Place and Rachel.

Lot 73: Recliner, lily plant. From Kay Hudson.

Lot 74: Baby swing, bibs, baby towel, diapers, stuffed stork, basket for supplies. From House of Grace, Grace in Action Baby Pantry.

Lot 75: Two antique outdoor chairs, $50 Lowe's gift card. From Walter Rogers.

Lot 76: Antique rocker, gift cards to Campbell's Foodland and $40 The Walk. From a friend of Eastside, Campbell's Foodland and the The Walk Café.

Lot 77: Antique rocker, gift cards from Denny's and The Walk. From a friend of Eastside, Denny's and The Walk Café.

Lot 78: To be determined from Red Rose Tattoo.

Lot 79: Alice in Wonderland mod-podge chair, Disney Collection beanies. From Hope Copeland and an anonymous donor.

Lot 80: Antique repurposed chair, pink purse from Casa Bella. From emPOWER Hour for Women.

Lot 81: Armless brown chair, Hann-Made apparel, tea spiller, tea tumbler. From Trout's Thrifty Bins and Bargains, Hann-Made Creations and More and Tea Spiller.

Lot 82: Stool, laundry detergent, washing machine. From Riesbeck's Food Markets.

Lot 83: Decorative chair, wooden cross, candle holder with candle. From Pattis Attic.

Item 1: Garden porch chair, flower basket, $100 McDonald's Greenhouse gift card. From Genesis HealthCare System

Item 2: Ride for your child with a K-9 deputy to any school in Muskingum County. From the Muskingum County Sheriff's Office.

Item 3: Kid's battery powered race car, hat, Yeti, two-ton of topsoil delivered. From Champion Services.

Item 4: Two cow print armless chairs, $100 Rittberger North Market gift card. From Lepi & Associates.

Item 5: Big Joe Dorm chair, gift cards for Snow Trails. From Park National Bank.

Item 6: Bar stool, OSU gear, two tickets to OSU vs. Minnesota on Nov. 18. From The Forker Company and Matt Schreiber.

Item 7: Free event space rental. From 630 Main/iTrack.

Item 8: Recliner, blanket. From North Valley Bank.

Item #9: Wishbone wood and rattan chair, corduroy throw, $200 The Wilds gift card, giraffe pillow, cheetahs photo. From Mary Ann Bucci.

Item #10: Gift cards to Kick-N-Ax, Rake's Place and Nothing but Chocolates. From The Community Bank.

Item 11: Director's chair, Wilson Profile women's set of clubs, Foot-Joy golf shoes, jacket, club head covers, gloves. From Zanesville Country Club Golf Shop.

Item #12: To be determined from Fanatics.

Item #13: Basket of children's books, character plush, read to a fourth grade classroom in Muskingum Count. From Muskingum County Literacy Council.

Item #14: Black bench, yellow pillows, welcome sign, wicker basket,, rug, $100 The Barn gift card. From Mike and Sheri Whiteman and The Barn.

Item #15: Wood bench, coordinating decorations, gift cards to T.J. Maxx, JC Penny and Dunham's. From Colony Square Mall.

Item #16: Tiger striped barrel chair, Cincinnati Bengals throw, pillow, clock, coasters, beach towel, lawn flag, storage footlocker. From Ranking & Rankin Insurance Services.

Item #17: Eucalyptus wooden sun chair, three Brene Brown books, two-week digital billboard package at four locations. With Barnes Advertising Corp.

Item #18: To be determined from Marquee Broadcasting WHIZ Media Group.

Auctions to benefit Eastside Community Ministry

Waterproof Outdoor Stacking Chair Cover Item #19: Small kitchen island table, two stools, books, puzzles. From Coconis Furniture.