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2022-07-15 09:30:01 By : Ms. wanda chen

Having a quality nail polish rack is a must if you’re a technician at a nail salon but it’s also a great storage tool for someone like me who owns an ungodly amount of nail polish.

Polish bottles are a lot harder to efficiently store than you’d expect. They’re like this strange break in physics where despite being small and, for the most part, of a standard shape, nail polish bottles seem to take up twice the space you expect them to and trying to fit them into general organizers leaves all kinds of wasted space.

For personal use for polish-addicts, nail polish organizers are whole new level of convenience, space-saving storage. For salon use, it’s a professional must. Read on to see the best nail polish wall racks and stands that are available right now.

This minimalist acrylic display rack shows off the nail polish and nothing else. With clear backing, sides, and short lip in front of each shelf to keep your polishes in place, there are no distractions, no flourishes, and nothing taking away the colors of your polishes.

For some, it might be a little plain, but I personally love the stark, nearly invisible look of this wall rack that seems like your gradient of nail lacquers are almost floating in the air like a big square rainbow.

The rack itself holds up to 102 nail polish bottles and is a great size for both home or salon use at 20 inches wide by 24 inches tall. It comes completely assembled and includes mounting hardware.

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The Go2buy holds over 200 nail polish bottles and is a perfect salon display. This thing isn’t kidding around. When the three separate racks are hung next to each other they measure a full 50 inches across. Instead of the normal six shelves, this display only has five.

Each row has space for taller items than most of the other display racks so if you want to store other products besides standard-sized nail polish bottles this is a good choice. The three piece set up means you have lots of flexibility in terms of how you can arrange your organizers, so if you don’t have the free wall space for a 50 inch rack, you can split it up into one larger unit 25 inches across and two side units that are each 12 inches across.

The heavy-duty iron construction is long-lasting and the plain single bar that acts as a barrier on the front of the shelves is unobtrusive and doesn’t cover up your polishes. The scrollwork at the top is swirly and feminine, but simple enough that the individual racks won’t look strange if they aren’t arranged a specific way.

If this still isn’t enough space, you can buy extras of the smaller side pieces separately to expand your shelving.

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This one is the ultimate decor and storage combo. It’s a beautiful metal tree silhouette complete with cute little songbirds. In front of the tree are five shelves so you can make it look like your tree is growing nail polish.

The display is bigger than it looks and can hold up to 70 bottles. With a diameter of roughly 24 inches, it’s right around the same size as the other racks we’ve looked at.

The bar in front of the shelves that keeps your polish from falling off is thin enough that it won’t cover up your colors. While the bar might not distract, the tree silhouette behind your polishes might and for some people it could be too busy.

For that reason, I’d say this nail polish rack is much more suited for home use than for a salon. Also, it comes in three different colors, so if the black doesn’t suit you, there’s also a bronze tree and a white tree.

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If what you’re looking for is the ability to customize your shelving space, these clear acrylic wall mounted shelves give you countless options. These three mini racks, each 15 inches long, can fit approximately 40 nail polish bottles in total and can be arranged in whatever pattern best fits your needs.

With a short, clear plastic lip, they keep polish bottles from being knocked over. At roughly two inches deep, they are a perfect size for lacquer bottles without taking up wasted space like standard wall shelves would.

These are perfect for home use when either you just need a little more out of the way space or for home or salon use when you don’t have a ton of uninterrupted wall space that can fit larger units. These small shelves allow you to create customized display units. Mounting hardware is included and the shelves are easy to install and take down.

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At space for up to 100 nail polish bottles, the Pana Wall Mounted Rack is another great option for both home or salon use. The front bar has more scroll work than I would generally recommend for salon display, but it’s low enough that over a third of the bottle shows over the top of it so I don’t mind that much.

This sturdy metal rack has six shelves at 21 inches wide, 25 inches high, and 2 inches deep. It includes mounting hardware and on the back of each shelf there are round spots to use to mount to the wall so you can make this as secure as you want with as many screws as you can fit. The shelves themselves are secure and the metal is very durable.

There is some scrollwork on the top level but that gets mostly covered up by the tops of the lacquer bottles if you fill up the top shelf. If the black color is too dark for you, this model also comes in gold, white, and silver.

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Counter displays like this one by Sodynee are great for both holding smaller personal collections and as a retail display set next to a register at a nail salon. Your nail polish bottles have “stadium seating” of six levels, which makes it so that each bottle is easy to see.

The clear acrylic plastic limits visual obstruction and keeps your counter space from looking too cluttered. This display comes in three sizes. All of them have six vertical levels, but you can choose different widths.

The 8.5 inch wide model holds up to 36 lacquer bottles, the 14 inch wide display holds up to 60 bottles, and the 17 inch model (which is the one I’ve chosen) holds up to 72 nail polish bottles.

The only downside to this one is that it doesn’t come fully assembled, so you’ll have to put it together. Otherwise, it’s a great little organizing system that holds more than you’d expect for a counter display.

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The Home-it Nail Polish Rack is a great affordable organizer for home use that can store up to 102 nail polish bottles. That number, of course, is going to be based on the smallest nail polish bottles around because marketing, but with six shelves that are 20 inches wide and two inches deep, even if you only own the chunkiest nail lacquers around, you’re still going to be able to fit over 80 bottles.

At 24 inches tall, it’s big enough for substantial storage but doesn’t have to take over an entire wall. A portion of that 24 inches is taken up by a decorative scroll-work arch turning the glossy bronze-colored metal rack into decor as well as storage.

The reason I say this is a good personal lacquer rack and not so much for salon use is that the crisscrossing ornate design of the shelves covers up the bottom portion of the bottles. This isn’t a problem in a small room, but in a salon, it would make the colors harder to see.

Also, being more affordable, this metal won’t hold up to the rigors of a salon environment and is more likely to bend and warp if roughly handled. It comes with mounting hardware, but with how heavy this rack will get when full, it’s worth picking up some higher quality molly bolts–there’s going to be a lot of money on that rack.

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How you store your lacquers is going to greatly affect, if not decide completely, how professional your set up will look. If your clients have to dig through a jumble of nail polish bottles in a big plastic tub or pick through bottles stacked five deep on a bookshelf while trying not to knock them all over like glass dominoes--it's not going to matter how nice the rest of your salon is.

When it's easy to see all the nail lacquer options without having to dig around, it's more exciting for the client and it won't take them as long to take stock of what you have and choose the color they want. The faster they pick, the more clients you can fit into your schedule.

Having neat, clean nail polish displays with tight organization makes your space look infinitely larger and more professional. Plus, those lines of colors can double as wall art and save you money in the decor department.

Trying to strong-arm wall shelves, bookshelves, filing cabinets, and storage bins into being effective nail polish storage is like trying to store loose silverware in your kitchen cabinets: you can do it, but it's going to be a hassle, waste loads of space, and result in a lot of cussing. There's a good reason there are storage options made specifically to work with these shapes.

When you have a proper nail polish rack, you can see every color you have and avoid the trap of accidentally buying doubles of a shade you forgot about because it's buried at the bottom of the pile.

Proper storage racks take up less space than bins or drawers. Plus if you happen to buy a wall rack that has a bit more space than you really need, no one can really complain when you expand to fill that space. I mean, the storage was going to be there either way so why leave it empty, right?

Counter displays. These are stands that are meant to sit on tables. They hold fewer polishes than wall racks, but have the benefit of keeping colors close at hand. These are great for manicure stations for technicians to have their preferred cuticle oils, top coats, ridge fillers, base coats, etc. at the ready.

Stands are a good option to keep your current favorites of the season at your fingertips. Using only these types of racks is an effective solution for storage if you only own a few dozen lacquers.

Metal wall racks. If your collection is expansive and/or professional, wall storage is the way to go. Metal racks are durable, long-lasting, and come in a variety of sizes. The wire construction gives the opportunity for decorative scroll-work that can turn your storage into wall art.

Acrylic wall racks. These units, made of either colored or clear plastic, may seem a bit bulkier, but tend to be lighter than metal options. I find acrylic shelves have a cleaner, more professional look that makes the colors of your polish pop. The downside to these is that cheaper models tend to look really cheap so if you like this style, don't skimp or your display will look dingy.

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